Project Blackburrow Unveiled

Sep 28, 2018

Project blackburrow aka phpJobs is a job board and aggregator for PHP jobs. A job board is nothing new on the web, so you might be thinking - why?

There are two reasons for this, one is the desire to start building out things to scratch a personal itch and the second reason is out of necessity.

The Past

Earlier this year I found myself looking for new job, I had worked with PHP for almost a decade at Socious and after being acquired was forced to learn C#/.NET.

After a few months working with C# I was really missing out on the tooling (PHPStorm > Visual Studio) and the community at large. When I decided it was time to move on I also decided I wanted to work with PHP.

I spent tons of time trying to find jobs that involved PHP but never found a single resource on the web that I felt was comprehensive enough or that wasn't just plain terrible for searching specifics such as a programming language, salary, remote etc.

The Present and Future

I want to become the resource for any PHP developer who loves the language and what they can do with it. While I am still building out the website it will remain free to post jobs and I will continue to aggregate more jobs if the volume demands it. The goal will be to provide a broad mix of first class jobs posts and then fill any gaps with aggregate jobs.

Here are some ideas I have on the roadmap:

  • Search
  • Newsletter
  • Featured jobs (this is ready but awaiting payments to be enabled)
  • Filter(s) - Remote Y/N | Salary Scale | Framework/Language/PHP Versions (tags) | Full Stack - Front End - Back End (Scale)
  • Detailed Insights (pay scales, world map, heat maps etc.)

My favorite feature here, and probably the most ambitious, will be the insights. There is an enormous amount of data available on these job sites that they do not expose publicly. I believe surfacing this data will help the candidates see where the job market currently is and where it may be heading.

If you have any ideas on what features you would like to see feel free to tweet me @__phpJobs__ or @aknosis.

In the mean time you can get updates about new jobs on Twitter: @__phpJobs__ and subscribe to the phpJobs Newsletter

Paul Giberson

Thanks for reading.

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