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Senior Back End Developer - Startup Tech Company


McKinney, TX | Posted: 1 year ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

Job description

Our mission is to eliminate mundane. PestRoutes is at heart a software development company and we are passionate about building, solving, and developing solutions which enrich our user's lives. Our platform eliminates millions of hours of work for our clients and helps them to grow, optimize, and retain their customer base. We have over 3 million users as well as over 10,000 people who use PestRoutes as their primary, day-to-day tool. This customer base has been doubling or tripling every year for the past 5 years and is not slowing down. The things you implement will affect each of these people in a direct and meaningful way.

We do the impossible. We are looking for the type of person that stares an overwhelming problem in the face and knows how to pick the problem apart until they find a solution. You are the type of person who loves manipulating data to make it do something meaningful. You take pride in quality code which is resilient, reliable, and maintainable. Whenever you set out to fix a problem, you not only build a tool to solve the original problem, but dozens of others problems which are related to it but may not yet be realized.

You will be working on a platform that runs a field service company from beginning to end. Your work will impact every part of the customer lifecycle including sales, marketing, scheduling, CRM, billing, mobile field service applications, communication (SMS, email, voice, snail mail, push notifications, etc...), credit card processing, reporting, customer portals, reviews, and more! We work with dozens of APIs and frameworks and are truly a platform on which our customers utilize as their primary and central tool.

Your role will be to:

  • Implement complex and core functionality within our platform related to scheduling, payments and billing, route optimization, automated tasks, internal / external APIs, etc...

  • Own our data conversion department and find ways to automate and improve existing systems and processes

  • Work on complex database conversions for new customers using mySQL, SQL Server, AWS

  • Write scripts to alter business critical datasets with millions of rows of data

  • Help mentor and coach junior members of our development team 

  • Work with the latest technologies and tools to solve the oldest problems which affect our customers

Compensation includes:

  • Competitive salary

  • Health Insurance

  • Personal Wellness bonus (used for massage or spa service, etc...)

  • PTO and Paid Holidays

  • Catered meals

  • Snacks and Drinks

Skills & Requirements

  • Expert level database skills and ability to write complex and mission critical SQL/mySQL queries

  • Experience working with business critical systems (banking, CRM, telecom, etc...)

  • Ability to implement complex and core features into a mature code base

  • Proven ability to track down, solve, and release solutions to bugs and issues

  • Experience working with a client facing web application

  • Experience with version control and deployment strategies

  • Experience working with servers (preferably apache and ubuntu)

  • High attention to detail and ability to take responsibility for core changes

  • Passion for development and high desire to release code

This job was sourced from StackOverflow Jobs.