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Senior PHP Developer (m/f/d)

Sitewards GmbH

Frankfurt, Germany | Posted: 1 year ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

The project(s)

Sitewards is a service provider, we sell our expertise to our customers. Means at any time we have more than one project in the company, therefore it is a bit hard to describe what exactly you will be working on. On the other hand: we can tell you what we've been doing recently:

* taking over a Magento/Typo3 project from previous service provider and performing platform review, cleanup and upgrade. Speeding up the application up to 30 times in certain places, reaching the state that it can run on php7.1;

* starting a new Sylius project from scratch, specifying the MVP requirements, building CI/CD pipeline based on Kubernetes and launching it live;

* maintaining an Enterprise level Magento installation, dealing with 100K product imports per Website in a dozen websites and store-views.

* maintaining a Magento/Typo3 installation which has to deal with ~300 store-views and 20K content pages.

* working out requirements and starting 2 new projects which aim to launch a brand new Magento2 installations in 2019.

* doing numerous workshops with our customers helping them to define the architecture of their e-commerce solution or addressing the most acute problems in their current systems.

* experimenting with new technology in-house, see what potential it has for us and our customers, see Improvement days at Sitewards

The people 

If you join Sitewards you will become part of a bigger Sitewards family, and on daily basis you will be working in one of Sitewards teams. These teams have 4-6 people including developers, project managers and testers.

We strongly believe in these smaller teams, we put teams together where people match each other on a personal level but also from the skill-set perspective. So that team can solve any task around the team's project. We give each team power to decide about exact team processes, project development, etc. We encourage teams to spend as much time together as possible. We support team events like going somewhere together after work, having a team lunch or doing a BBQ on the office terrace. 

Our team setup allows home office from time to time when you need it, at the same time we would love to see you as often in the office as possible, cause then we will have more fun together.

Last year we hired quite some more people and we are going to continue it this year, that means you will be most likely joining one of the new Sitewards teams which we will build this year.

The process

We work in agile process with short sprints, fast delivery and fast results that we can show to our customers. We practice code reviews, every line of the code written is reviewed by peer developers and then tested by QA people.

We reflect on regular intervals on how things are going and what can we do better next day, next week, next sprint.

What do we expect from you? 

* Be a great personality that will become a valuable part of Sitewards team!

* Be pragmatic, but also stand for software quality and software architecture.

* Have a decent experience in the software-engineering area, you will have a chance to use it every day and develop it further.

* Have your passion around technology, we will help you unfolding it

* Strong knowledge about core modern e-commerce systems is a plus.

* Experience on application integration (API communication, error handling, System resilience) is a plus.

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