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Lead Web Developer (PHP)

Original Services Group (OSG)

Phoenix, AZ | Posted: 8 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

E-Com Development Team Lead


Our E-Commerce development team has seen rapid growth over the past 12-18 months, and as we scale upwards, we want to continue adding strong, experienced leaders to help in keeping the team as effective and efficient as possible. This includes not only having very strong programming skills, but understanding of system architecture, deployment procedures, database best practices, but also strong leadership skills and communication.

This role will be not only the lead developer of our E-Com team, but will help the team improve their coding skills through code review, will help in scheduling the release of deployments, and will help ensure the stability of applications across our environment. This role will work with the team director regarding resource allocation for projects and sprints, and will help ensure that project milestones are being reached and/or that blockers are being identified and addressed.

Current Team Structure

Currently we have 5 full stack developers (4 in-house, 1 remote), 1 contract DBA, and 2

agencies who do development work for us on our E-Commerce development team. These all

report to the team director who reports to the department VP. The team director currently

oversees all development, architecture, code deployment, project planning, and team direction, which is where we are looking to add support via this role. We want to ensure that this Team Lead position is able to share in the responsibility of ensuring quality code is being written through code reviews, and helping with code deployments, but is also capable of taking on the most technologically complex projects and ensuring theyre being completed to the highest level of quality. 

The Team Lead should have a strong understanding of all systems and how they

work together, and in the case of a negative business impact, the Team Lead should be able to

quickly diagnose the issue and propose solutions.

Technical Requirements

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science/Software Development/MIS

10+ years experience in professional web development

10+ years experience in LAMP technologies, including Linux servers, Apache (or


3+ years of experience building Laravel applications with best practices

Strong understanding of Git workflows and best practices

Experience writing test suites to ensure code coverage and stability of releases

Other Requirements

Experience as a lead of a software development team, including code reviews and

technology mentorship

Strong work ethic- willing to put in extra hours to ensure business-necessary tasks are

running successfully, and negative impacts are addressed promptly

Experience working in a corporate Scrum environment

Strong communication, written and verbal

Communicating projects to both development and business teams

Writing clear, concise, accurate specifications for development projects

Preferred Experience

Professional experience in E-Commerce is a big plus

Understanding of CI/CD best practices

Experience working with cloud-based technologies, including migrating applications to

cloud hosting

Experience with performance and stability monitoring solutions, such as New Relic.

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