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Remote Position - Full Stack Developer

Gotham Club Media

New York, NY | Posted: 7 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

Hey! Fast growing supplement company is looking for a full-time, full stack developer with 4 - 6 years experience to help with API integrations, sales funnel creation and front-end work for e-commerce pages and wordpress sites.


  • Setting up new sales pages and e-commerce pages
  • Slice/code HTML pages from PSD files
  • Help with our WordPress blog
  • Third Party API integrations
  • Database Management


  • HTML5 & CSS3, JS and jQuery front end programming
  • PHP 5.5+ back end programming
  • Frameworks such Laravel and Symfony 2, 3 and 4
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Basic Linux server administration
  • General knowledge of unit testing or test driven development (we don't heavily rely on tests except for critical sales/billing functions)
  • Browser/device cross compatibility (pages must be 95% compatible)
  • Experience with Git workflow (we use BitBucket)

Bonus Experience:

  • Ecommerce experience
  • Amazon AWS experience
  • Lime Light CRM, Get Response or Cake API
  • MySQL

Personality Traits:

  • English must be top notch
  • Work USA hours
  • Fast and open communication
  • Very available by phone, Skype, Slack and email during work hours
  • Tests and reviews work religiously
  • Can lookup information in company wiki/knowledge base
  • Detail oriented and organized

About The Job:

  • Email response needed within 30 minutes during work hours
  • Available for calls and chat via Skype during work hours
  • Ok with being on call 24/7 during curing critical launch periods (there is bonus compensation during this periods)
  • Hours must be standard, for example, 8 - 4PM every day. Occasional changes are ok.
  • Holidays and vacation days are ok. Two weeks notification unless its an emergency.


Salary $50,000 - $65,000


If you'd like to apply for this position please submit resume along with answers to the following 5 questions to [email protected] with the subject line "Your A-Player Web Developer Is Here!"

1. Why do you think you're a superstar for this position? (500 words max)

2. Where are you located?(State,Country) Are you working USA hours?(Yes/No)

3. Are you OK being available during nights and weekends in case of the occasional emergency situation?(Yes/No)

4. Confirm you're ok with some adult content. One of our products is advertised on adult websites.(Yes/No)

5. Are you OK with taking a paid, 90-minute long test as part of this application process?(Yes/No)

If you make it to Round 2 the next step is a quick test on Test Dome, which you will be paid for your time to take, as well as a short interview with our project manager and current lead developer.

Interview Process is 3 stages long and consist of the following:

Stage 1: Written Response

Stage 2: Written Response + Test Dome Test - 90 Minutes (You will be compensated for taking the test)

Stage 3: Video Interview

If you make it to Round 2 the next step is a quick test on Test Dome, which you will be paid for your time to take, as well as a short video interview where you'll get more information on the company and position.



  • Long-term, consistent work
  • Flexible Hours
  • Remote Work

This job was sourced from StackOverflow Jobs.