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Forensic Hybrid Web/Software Developer

Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc

Linthicum Heights, MD | Posted: 7 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

Provide support in the form of application development, scripting, debugging, and value-added development expertise to a digital forensic lab and malware reverse engineering section. Maintain existing applications and develop new applications to customer specifications. 

Developers work with a variety of technologies including PHP, Javascript, Angular, C#


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Electrical Computer Engineering

  • Must be a US Citizen (no exceptions)   

  • Minimum graduating GPA 3.25

  • Key qualities: Self-motivated, Detail-oriented, Strong work ethic

  • Strong working knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Angular, and C#

  • Capable of debugging software applications

  • Familiarity with high and low level programming languages

  • Able to gather testable software requirements

  • Able to participate in the design of new software applications

  • Familiarity with maintainable software processes including:

-Software documentation

-Source code versioning

-Unit testing

  • Able to quickly adapt to new situations and problems

  • Able to operate in a mission-critical and time-sensitive environments

Entry Level Qualifications:

  • Relevant Bachelor's Degree, with some programming experience outside of the classroom

  • No experience necessary, but some development experience is suggested; it does not need to be in a professional setting. We usually like to see that candidates have written a few substantial programs to give us confidence that they know what they are doing 

  Mid Level Qualifications:

  • Relevant Bachelor's Degree plus minimum 5 years experience OR

  • Relevant Master's Degree plus minimum 3 years experience

Senior Level Qualifications:

  • Relevant Bachelor's Degree plus minimum 10 years experience OR

  • Relevant Master's Degree plus minimum 8 years experience


  • Familiarity with assembly languages

  • Experience in Java, C, C++, Python

  • Familiarity with digital forensics

  • Familiarity with hex editors and working at the byte-level

  • Familiarity with the Windows API

  • Familiarity with IDA Pro

  • Rudimentary understanding of protocol analysis

  • Rudimentary understanding of malware analysis or reverse engineering

  • Experience in digital forensics

  • Experience in SQL

  • Rudimentary knowledge in Network Architecture and networked programs

  • Experience in secure programming for web application development

  • Experience with the software development lifecycle to include requirements definition and unit testing

  • For entry-level candidates: Programming experience outside of a classroom, such as an internships, clubs, contributions to open source projects or other side projects

This job was sourced from StackOverflow Jobs.