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Senior Software Engineer (Drupal)

AudienceView Ticketing Corporation

New York, NY | Posted: 2 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.
We are looking for a senior software engineer to join the ranks of our development team. We are situated in the center of the media business, building everything from backend publishing tools for our editorial team to progressive web applications for potential ticket buyers. Your role in all this will be to help drive our efforts forward in the development of our new listings and management system in Drupal 8, as well as help integrate data via various APIs and RSS into an Elasticsearch data store, help create ETL flows, and offer your insights and experience in best principles for code design and development.
As a senior developer, you will be expected to contribute as a mentor to junior devs, to help make sound architectural decisions, and to help develop and maintain coding standards and help keep operations smooth, pitching in as needed and modelling trust and accountability. An ability to tolerate as well as dish out abstruse, dry humor is a plus, but not a requirement.
Position Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to as well as coordinate the efforts of a team to push features out and satisfy the demands of stakeholders.

  • Ensure the quality of the team’s output by providing technical insight and recommendations to fellow team-members through code review.

  • Help engineer complex and multi-directional data flows.

  • Work with project management to break tickets down into small, manageable tasks, giving accurate estimates and communicating nuance and feasibility at the onset.

  • Work with CMS users (editorial, ad sales, listings managers) to understand operational needs and how they translate to code.

  • Work with the team to maintain our codebases, keeping contributed dependencies up to date and reducing technical debt.

  • Help maintain continuous integration tools and our application infrastructure in AWS.

  • Continuously learn and hone your craft as well as model a no-blame, empathic, accepting and accountable approach to software development and teamwork.

  • Work closely with product development and other stakeholders, meeting requirements and setting expectations appropriately.

  • Meet all QA standards and product requirements.


  • Professional experience with object oriented programming techniques and patterns, including inheritance, and polymorphism. You will be working mostly in PHP, Node.js, and React but there will be opportunities to work in Python, Go, or other languages depending on suitability to the task.

  • Minimum 5+ years experience working with Drupal (preferably Drupal 8), Symphony, or Laravel

  • Experience writing and maintaining Drupal 8 modules

  • Professional experience developing robust API clients as well as API endpoints.

  • Professional experience with SQL, data migrations, ETL, search engines such as Elasticsearch or Solr, the difference between normalized and denormalized data stores, ACID and DRY concepts.

  • Thorough understanding of the HTTP protocol, including caching, cookies, request and response headers.

  • Experience with CI tools such as Jenkins, ability to do basic shell scripting, and basic management and configuration of linux servers (Node.js, Apache, Nginx), especially within AWS.

  • Experience and knowledge of SEO best practices.

  • Experience in e-commerce would be an asset.

  • Worked with advertising products and understands either database architecture or has experience with a company that has a strong email marketing practice.

 Desired Characteristics:

  • Strong attentiveness to detail, both in code, documentation, and in communication.

  • Desire to motivate and inspire growth in fellow team-members.

  • Resourceful and genuinely interested in keeping up with the latest technologies.

  • Ability to self-manage, taking initiative and sustaining focus and momentum while working through a task.

  • Experience with infrastructure configuration management tools such as ansible, and with working in AWS or other cloud infrastructure. If you have professional experience with lambda or other serverless technologies that is a great plus.

  • Deep understanding of Drupal 8 concepts such as Entities, Plugins, Services and Configuration Management.

This job was sourced from StackOverflow Jobs.