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Senior LAMP Developer


Houston, TX | Posted: 4 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.
Mission: Smooth our data pipeline by extending and improving automation. Provide web-based data munging tools to our internal data scientists as well as our end customers. Learn our LAMP-based data processing tools, maintain them, and improve them. Today you are a LAMP expert, familiar with Laravel, Packagist, Composer and very comfortable around MariaDB. Tomorrow you will become a full fledged data scientist, as we cross train you in Python-based data science tools. Outcomes:Improve PHP code-bases with useful additional documentation within 1 monthLearn Zermelo and DURC (CareSets Open Source reporting and data entry libraries) within 1 month:, the underlying data structures in our data pipeline, including our data sources and how they are managed in our data warehouse within 1 monthWrite reports to assist data analysis within 2 monthsImprove the user experience of multiple web-based tools within 2 monthsTrain other employees in report-writing using MariaDB and Zermelo within 3 monthsCreate new web apps that are reliable for non-technical team members to use for data munging within 3 monthsWrite new SQL-based data ingestion pipelines to expand the contents of our data warehouse, where the SQL is encased in lightweight PHP scripts that exist only for this purpose within 3 monthsAdd new features to Zermelo within 3 monthsTakeover primary maintenance of Zermelo and DURC within 6 monthsEnable release of 1.0 versions of Zermelo and DURC within 9 months Competencies:Setup and deploy modern cloud-based LAMP+Laravel servers in your sleepUnderstand browser base front-end UI components such as HTML/CSSUnderstand Open Source front-end frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap, UIKit, and JQueryUnderstand advanced index techniques in MariaDB as they apply to various DB engines (InnoDB vs MyISAM etc)Willing to not cringe when seeing JQuery code for simple DOM manipulationCan communicate technical subjects clearly in writingFamiliarity with web-forms, GET/POST communication between client and server and methods to create front-end to back-end connectivity (AJAX or websocket)Document code so that others understand it Laravel as front-end to PHP, MySQL, Apache running on Ubuntu serversSQL generally, MariaDB specifically. You will be tested on the differences between types of JOINS, a basic understanding of the different permutations of the CREATE TABLE syntax, etc. Bonus Competencies:Python for data analysis (Pandas, Jupyter, etc)Front-end graphing libraries (D3 or Vega)Familiarity with Vue.jsFamiliarity with X12/HL7 and or other clinical data standards  Location: Houston, TXPosition Type: Full-time permanent

About CareSet SystemsCareSet ( is transforming the way biomedical companies go to market. We believe in getting the best treatments to the right patients quickly and efficiently. We do that by analyzing government data sources, such as Medicare claims data. With CareSet, biomedical companies become better at serving the patient community. To apply, contact [email protected]

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