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Software Developer

Advantage Recruiting

Salt Lake City, UT | Posted: 8 months ago

This job is expired and may no longer be accepting applications.

Looking to find another capable developer that we can groom. Strong capability has "the force but doesn't currently sit on the Jedi council. We would bring them to the Jedi level :-)  

Are you currently not feeling appreciated and feel like you arent being challenged at your current gig? are you using the latest in technology?  we are seeking to groom that right person! 

Here is an list of requirements:

- Competent with PHP and not dependent on any particular framework

- Able to design a clean database schema and compose elaborate SQL queries

- Very comfortable on the linux command line

- Know enough about the internet to explain DNS, IP addresses, ports, sockets, HTTP, and HTTPS

- Can produce clean HTML and CSS using modern standards and frameworks

- Expert with JavaScript and have professional experience with React, Angular, or Vue

- Have a strong enough computer science background to explain pointers, call stacks, linked-lists, binary trees, recursion, big-O notation, etc.

Please apply by sending me your resume through linkedin OR, send your resuem to [email protected] 

This job was sourced from StackOverflow Jobs.